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My name is gwen and I'm an illustrator living in richmond, VA. I draw weird dogs and make text posts. I enjoy shows, comics, cooking, and dead animals (and alive animals)

I am hopelessly in love with richard (we are dating). block #rich tag to avoid grossness.

If you have anything you want me to start tagging, want to ask me a question, say hello, inquire about commissions, or tell me I'm cute don't hesitate to drop me a line!




My contribution to TERRARIUMS AND BIOMES By Sarah Apple and Gwendolyn Wood

it is GRAND zine and will be printed single sidedly with perforation lines so you can cut the pieces out and display them all together, or pass them out to your friends; acquaintances?? COME SEE ME AND SARAH AT ZINE FEST THIS SATURDAY!

some red flag related stuff for work!


look what the (amazing, wonderful) goat-soap sent me!! (this, and also LUDICROUS amounts of exciting foreign gum)


look what the (amazing, wonderful) goat-soap sent me!! (this, and also LUDICROUS amounts of exciting foreign gum)


radicalapollo said: Kirby!

Anonymous said: Did you play furry paws?

YEP!!!! I was hiems and then almond later

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vibrabones said: Hey, Gwen! You've probably answered this question a million times, but could you maybe tell me a little about how you found and developed your style, and what advice you would give someone who's struggling to improve their own art and develop a unique style of their own?

Hi!! I had a really boring style up until my freshman year of college I think.. like this sorta thing. Just typical sparkledog refugee art. But then, I will be totally honest here, I jacked my friend swag. I had a piece due for a class and I said “how would Ceri draw this, she’s so cool, I luv her drawings”. The final was a weird omage.. and not really like her style after all. The way I draw now kinda developed from that. The lesson is not to try to draw like your friends I think, but see stuff you like in art and TRY IT! One piece can’t hurt. You pick up bits and pieces you like; huge grins, sweaty expressions, etc. Also don’t be afraid to take it to the limit! Draw in the most fun way you can think of, even if it’s ugly as fuck. If it’s a goopy mess, you can always pull back. If it’s so stylized it doesn’t look like anything, you can always add reality back in. Just try to let go of your embarrassment and try new stuff! A lot of it will come naturally, but if you’re impatient it’s absolutely something you can “work on”, just like any other aspect of your artwork. That’s how it seems to me anyway!

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gh0st-panic said: can i know how you changed your phone?

It’s an LG g2 that rich rooted for me, and then ported the lg G3 software onto, which idk how you can do; but if you have an android smartphone you can change the appearance of your phone pretty easily. First you gotta download a new “launcher” which is basically your homescreen. I use Nova Launcher. Then I went through the nova launcher settings and changed things how I liked them. You can also download new icon packs, which you can find by just search through on the google play store. The ones I use are called white flaticons I think?. Also I downloaded a prettier weather application. It’s such a tragedy to me that smartphones stock look is so PROFOUNDLY hideous. look at this:


That’s what my phone looked like straight out of the barrel. I can’t even DESCRIBE the horrible sound effects and weird glittery shit that went on. The G3 default home screen is a lot better though, I have to say (that, and the HUGE increase in battery life is why I’m SO GLAD rich ported it onto my phone). Honestly Samsung is the worst offender design-wise in my mind. They are selling RIDICULOUSLY expensive technology that has the trashiest fucking design. It’s so sad.

I hope this helps!! Also thanks rich, for making me sound like a smart phone nerd

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Here are all the flavor illustrations I’ve been working on for a project! 

and for continuitiy’s sake, this is what I was doing at 16. the world is a marvelous place

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