Still Not Enough Goats

My name is gwen and I'm an illustrator living in richmond, VA. I draw weird dogs and make text posts. I enjoy shows, comics, cooking, and dead animals (and alive animals)

I am hopelessly in love with richard (we are dating). block #rich tag to avoid grossness.

If you have anything you want me to start tagging, want to ask me a question, say hello, inquire about commissions, or tell me I'm cute don't hesitate to drop me a line!




Anonymous said: your society6 link isn't working for me!D:

It works for me… is anyone else having this problem? It’s if you still wanna get there!

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commission for muffin_angel !!!

commission for muffin_angel !!!

the mitochondria quiz for the tablet is looking sort of vaporwave


Its this nerds birthday here’s us making out hardcore

RICH IS TOO SWEET!!!!! Also I hot this mysterious sort of lamb chalice/vase/urn thing. I have no idea what its for.

jugum replied to your post: I’m goin to a really cute gamey restau…

Tell me what this place is oh my goodness

magpie! It’s on leigh st!!

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Anonymous said: can i use your possum print as my blog theme?

of course!

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I’m goin to a really cute gamey restaurant for my birthday tonight I’m so excited :,)

They have rabbit tamales and braised beef cheeks and barbequed duck. man I’m so all about it

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Anonymous said: your drawings remind me of little bear

wacky! i did enjoy that show as a kid

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rich has the fucking cutest fucking smile. fuck

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