Still Not Enough Goats

My name is gwen and I'm an illustrator living in richmond, VA. I draw weird dogs and make text posts. I enjoy shows, comics, cooking, and dead animals (and alive animals)

I am hopelessly in love with richard (we are dating). block #rich tag to avoid grossness.

If you have anything you want me to start tagging, want to ask me a question, say hello, inquire about commissions, or tell me I'm cute don't hesitate to drop me a line!




rich figured it out. thank god for rich

anyone got a clue how to report a seller on amazon? I’m fuckin stumped

oomgffg I’m sick and achey and feverish it’s so STUPID



We blue ourselves!

I did a relaxing face mask


We blue ourselves!

I did a relaxing face mask

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I like vacation and all but I have SOOO much to do when i get back. jeez.

ugghhh okay wtf I miss rich pretty damn bad. I haven’t seen him in a week and it’s lame and it sucks. I’m looking for a real job and talking with my mom about it, and she said “don’t limit yourself just to richmond” and I said “right I know! If I get something out of town rich and I are signed into this lease tho, I’ll have to work something out, etc, etc” and she said “well you could just go and let rich catch up later after the lease is over” and sure, that sounds great, we did long distance before right?? but fuck no. seriously. I can’t. I’m having trouble with going a week honestly after 6 months of being together you will have to pry that man out of my cold crusty claws, we are not living apart again, that shit is FUCKing awful.

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omfg my friend is snoring, but like, with hiccups at the end of the snores. wtf kevin

Anonymous said: im sorry if this is posted somewhere, but i was thinking about commissioning you for a pattern and i was wondering if commissions were open and what the price range would be. thanks! (ps. your art is soooooo cute ohgosh)

I’ve got a couple commissions lined up right now, but if you’re cool with waiting maybe an extra week or so I’m happy to take another! My patterns are $30. (Thank you!!!!!!)

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Anonymous said: I love your eukaryotic cell comic! It's really cute

Thank you!!!!

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